Hey there! I’m Amanda Lux Wissmann. I’d love to share a little about myself before you take a seat in my chair. My cosmetology journey started a bit later than most. After graduating from a 4-year university, I realized rather quickly that the 9-5 desk life wasn’t for me. (And not just because I find sitting behind a desk a TOTAL waste of an outfit.) In college I was everyone’s “go-to hair girl”. Since my dreams of inventing a highly sought-after product and bringing it on Shark Tank weren’t seeming to pan out, I decided to find another creative outlet.

As a hairstylist, I believe that clients are looking for more than just pretty hair color. They are looking for a place they can feel comfortable and welcomed by someone who will listen to their needs. When you sit down in my chair, you feel like you’ve sat down at your neighborhood bar. I cherish the friendships I continue to make along the way and enjoy sharing stories and getting to know my clients - from chatting about the hottest Netflix binge to their partner’s strange habits.

My clients know when they won’t be pressured into unnecessary products or add-ons. I am fully open and transparent about what my clients are having done, and what they need to get the most out of a look they love. As someone who hates waiting, I know that a client’s time is important and I always do my best to respect that.

If you’re ready for a good chat and hair color that leaves your girlfriends drooling, check out my new client page so I can learn a little more about you!



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(located inside Jolie Salon)

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