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Cancellation Policy

I understand that unanticipated events happen that may cause a guest to have to cancel their appointment. I kindly ask that you give me 48 hour notice of a cancelation so I have the opportunity to accommodate another guest. 

All cancellations and *partial cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment date and time will be considered a late cancellation and a rebooking fee will be required for each canceled service before the appointments may be rescheduled.

Rebooking fees will be sent via invoice to the email address on file and must be paid before booking future appointments. The purpose of this fee is to partially cover the expense of lost time that could not be filled due to short notice. It is not a credit toward future appointments. 

Rebooking Fees
$25 for missed haircut and/or blowdry appointments
$50 for missed color appointments

* A partial cancellation is the canceling of one of the multiple services scheduled.
Example: Canceling the haircut portion of the service while keeping the color, or vise versa 


Late Policy

I strive to schedule guests appointments as efficiently as possibly and will not be able to accomodate late guests that will effect the next guest on my schedule.


Tardiness of more than 15 minutes will be considered a late cancellation and a $25 fee will be required before rescheduling haircuts and styles. A $50 fee will be required before rescheduling color appointments. 


If I am able to accommodate an abbreviated service in the remaining time, the $25 fee may be added to the total due for the canceled portion of the service to partially cover a portion of the lost time that was held.

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